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Dear Maria I have been offering a daily freebie about years agoand oh My oh, my afew weeks ago, I noticed my blog freebies do´t appear in the digifree and I have been there about years ago,,,can you re-activate the process?????

Since you've changed your freebie site it seems that your search engine runs much later. I used to look through them with my morning cup of coffee but now I can't do it until very late in the day. I am wondering if you can set it to run earlier? thanks

freebies timing by mnarteachmnarteach, 24 Jan 2010 13:17

Hi Marie.

You had some posts (e.g., this one) which were considered to be adult content by some viewers so they requested I remove you. I am happy to re-activate if you remove content which isn't child friendly. Please read the FAQ for guidelines.


Sorry! Got too busy and now finally catching up. It stopped working because you are using a server I didn't know about (4shared-china). Should all be fixed now! Thx!

Hi Maria, I've just noticied that since a few weeks now my freebies are not picked up anymore, i have no idea why? my feed is always the same, i've checked everything… and don't know what is wrong lol
Here is my blog:

Thanx for your help and sorry for my english!

Happy holidays


Freebies not picked anymore by SkyScrapsSkyScraps, 20 Dec 2009 11:15

Hi Maria, sorry to disturb your busy days. But since 2 months ago I noticed that my freebies were not picked up by DigiFree anymore. I checked my blog feed, it's "Full" but when I searched my blog's name on 'search this site' it said 'not in the list'. Could you please help, I really don't know what the problem is. Thanks in advance.

my blog is :

No problem! :-)


Re: Re-apply after Ban by Maria MMaria M, 03 Oct 2009 00:15

I'm pretty sure it's fine now but please let me know if not.

I'm pretty sure this was resolved, right?


Actually, the system only posts comments to blogspot blogs because I have an API for them.


Re: Comment from Digifree by Maria MMaria M, 03 Oct 2009 00:09

Dear Maria I have been posting my freebies about 2 years ago,, but I haven´t seen themn about a motnhs ago,,,I was studying the problem and my RSS are correct,,so i ahave no idea about what happened,,it is curious, I have been posting here for years without any problem,,,, please could you help me???


Re-applying worked! Freebies are being picked up again. Thank you very much <3<3<3

Re: Re-apply after Ban by MirellaBMirellaB, 12 Sep 2009 03:36


I am so sorry to bother you, since it is pretty obvious that you are one busy lady!

A while ago I noticed that my freebies were no longer being picked up. After going through all the Q&A I realized it is most probably because of the tags I posted (some of them contain a little bit too much nudity).

I went ahead and took the tags off my blog, they are no longer there.

I also went ahead and reapplied to have my freebies listed on digifree.

I hope this resolves any issues there were with my blog. If I was banned or not picked up for any other reason, is it possible to let me know what it was, so I can fix it?

Thank you!


Mirella Basche

Re-apply after Ban by MirellaBMirellaB, 09 Sep 2009 14:48

I haven't been getting picked up lately. Nothing has changed. Well I did start using a click counter, but the first time I used it I still got picked up. Last time or two I didn't no matter what I do. I ever went back and clearly added ?digifree at the end. Am I being blocked maybe? Here is the blog and the last post that didn't get picked up.


First, I love your engine. I tried a personal message that only you would see and you only receive messages of persons that you choose. Hard way to contact.
I want/need be deleted of your site engine:
Site: (i am the owner and publisher)
I have personal reasons and I say thank you for your attention!
Is is a great honour be indexed, but for now i have to correct several things in my blog. Several thing that I speak there (in the blog) is only for adults. But I never posted erotic ou sexual material, because I1m gospel. But I speak about things that is not graphics, design or scrap. And the blog is not intended only for scrap.
I love your site, but I don't want be indexed for now.
I will make in the future (2010) a site only for scrap and i will hunt yuur engine and try to be indexed, but not in this site 9for now), ok!. Thank you so much.
Sorry for my poor English. I love your efforts and works in the digifree. I hope your comprehension!

Digifree is picking up my freebies on my blog Juno's Place http://
Thank you!
But I really enjoy the comments left -

"Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today"

and none of yours appear on my posts even when the dashboard of my blog confirms that you have picked up a freebie.
I would appreciate any pointers. I would love to have your comment each time :)


Comment from Digifree by junosplacejunosplace, 18 Jul 2009 11:13

I'm back on! Yay….thank you so much Maria.

Hi. I'm not sure why but somehow your blog got off the list. This can happen if your blog feed goes dead for a over week - the system assumes the blog is gone. About 10 blogs are taken down each week so this is necessary. But it's on again now so it should show up next time.


Re: Freebies No Longer Listed by Maria MMaria M, 03 Jun 2009 22:56

Sorry to bug you Maria, but I used to have my freebies picked up, then I went away for a while and now the system isn't picking up my freebies. If you take a look one day, I'd appreciate it.

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